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March 6th, 2007

[LOG] Searched!

It is afternoon of the twentieth day of autumn.
It is the second Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is an autumn noon.

'But you agree that a great debt is owed to dragonkind, and that it is in the interest of all on Pern to serve within their means?'Collapse )
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October 13th, 2006

Interval. Thats so stranj strange to rite write. To think off even. No more thread in my lifetime. My childrens lifetimes. Grandchildrens lifetimes. I havent spogen spoken to mom jet but I think she mite migt might not be al that happi about it. She alvays liked fiting thread.

Ive worked on lerning learning to spel beter and Mattin has ben been helpin and hes reely good at fiking fixing all my mistakes. Dont let him reed my jurnal thou so I haf have to fix them myself. But Im geting beter I thing think.

September 8th, 2006

Biography, Take Two

Fleshed out bioCollapse )

September 2nd, 2006

Wel, I did pas my eksams. Theyve just been busy I gues. I met craftmaster Teric in the hall tonite and he said to come by and pik up my new knot in the mornin. So Im not a junjor aprentise anymore. Im a full aprentise. Its a good thing you dont have to be a good speler to pas eksams here.

And I think hes goin to post somone at Crom.

'Basic Properties of Hardwoods and Their Use in Furniture Making.' [Teric, Kieryn]Collapse )

May 17th, 2006

Joind smithcraft. So Im an apprentise now. I like craftmaster Terik. He sems relly nice. I have an interviev with him tomorro and then Ill offisially be an apprentise. Im alredy pretty sure I want to be a jemsmith. Gess its to soon to make that desision now thou but I think its what I want.

'Sir. I'd like to join the Smithcraft.' [Teric, Taslyan, Kairi, Kieryn]Collapse )

May 16th, 2006


Kieryn spent the first few years of life in High Reaches Weyr’s brat cave, looked after by the nannies. At age five, her mother moved from High Reaches to Telgar Weyr and brought little Kieryn with her. They only stayed at Telgar Weyr for some two turns before moving onto yet another weyr; Fort. Here Kieryn’s mother finally seem to settle down, weyrmating a greenrider and attaining the position of wingsecond after another five or so years.

Kieryn made her own friends and got into trouble more often than not, getting herself on the nannies’ blacklist and making quite a name of herself among her peers. One solution to the problem – thought her mother – was to have her Stand for a clutch. So when Kieryn was fourteen, she was offered a white knot, made it through candidacy without major trouble, got out on the Sands. And were left Standing. The experience left the girl depressed for some months after the Hatching and she denied any and all subsequent offerings of the white candidateknot.

The one thing Kieryn did learn from the experience was that hard work doesn’t necessarily have to be shirked, so she began attending Harper classes (which she’d done her best to shirk before) and getting her chores done on time. A few years later, she was ready to break ties with Fort and her mother and went off to High Reaches Weyr, where she joined the messengers, though she didn’t stay there long.

After she turned eighteen, she moved on again, this time to the Istan Smithcrafthall to become an apprentice and in her own words; “With the Pass ending, learning a craft might be a good idea.”
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